Together We Stand!

Refer your friends to York Markets and boost your profits right away! Moreover, there is no limit in our referral campaign. You can refer as many friends as you want.

Campaign Conditions

  • Client can get 20% of the first investment of each client he/she referred to York Markets.
  • To benefit from this campaign, the client should have an active account in York Markets.
  • In order to benefit from the campaign, the referred client should make an investment of at least 100 USD to an active account.
  • The client cannot benefit from both the referral campaign and IB refunds at the same time.
  • Welcome Bonus will be available for the referred new client.
  • The bonus that referring client will get cannot exceed 10 00 USD for each referral.
  • For investments between 100 –2000 USD, the client get maximum 20% bonus.
  • For investments between 2001 – 10 000 USD, the client get maximum 10% bonus.
  • For investments between 10 000 – 20 000 USD, the client get maximum 5% bonus.
  • This amount cannot be withdrawn and will be used as a boost to increase the margin level in Forex and CFD training. Only the profit made with this amount can be withdrawn from the account.
  • York Markets reserves the right to modify all rules of this bonus or to cancel it as a whole. The client is responsible for following the rules of any promotions or campaigns.

Kindly contact York Markets live support line on our website or your customer representative to get rewarded. You can also contact our customer support line at +382 69 789 100.

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