Commodity Trading

You can easily trade commodities without really owning the financial instrument.Commodities group has many instruments, and precious metals and energies are the most traded instruments within this group. Among precious metals, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are very well-known instruments and their volume is higher compared to other types of metals.

Precious metals performs well during global crises such as wars, attacks, and pandemics. As you might know precious metals had been in an ascending trend since the Covid-19 outbreak started to spread to other countries. In addition, in global crises, central banks such as the Federal Reserve decides to cut interest rates to increase liquidity and this usually weakens the US dollar and lift the prices of precious metals. We offer four precious crosses; gold, platinum, palladium and silver on our platform. You can trade these precious metals against the US dollar in a similar way to other currency pairs or indices on our platform. If you believe Gold, or safe-haven assets, will rise as there is a huge outbreak or war in the world, you can open a long position in Gold or other precious metals crosses on our platform, and start to make profit.

Why Trade Commodities with York Markets?

  • Spreads from 2 cents.
  • Access all precious metals and energy insturments.
  • All type of trading strategies accepted.
  • Hedging allowed.
  • Leverage up to 1:400.


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What position will you take?

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ProductAverage SpreadAverage SpreadAverage SpreadAverage SpreadValue of 1 lotSwap LongSwap Short
XAGUSD869094985 000-1.25-0.4
USOIL202020201 00000
UKOIL202020201 00000
XPDUSD12721276128012841 000-12.5-5
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